MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 6

The old adage, "two heads are better than one" has been around for centuries for a reason. More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances and infrastructure. Sharing and leveraging those resources means that your reach to new markets increases and re-energizes the connection you have with established clients. Collaborating rules, and as in nature, our social organisations thrive where there are diverse and complimentary systems that enhance the lives other business’s. Understand that your brand is part of a greater whole, and that there is power in that.

This issue we are collaborating with more and more wonderful people around the globe...and you know what? We are getting seen even more so worldwide thanks to everyone that cares and shares every page and every issue all over your social the words of Jerry Maguire

''help me, help you''.

This month we introduce you to Chris Moorman, Tony Discipline, Actress Kacey Ainsworth, Theo Woodman Smith PR and many more influential people.

I hope you enjoy this issue, have a wonderful month, don't forget to share MilliOnAir and enjoy. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the July Issue.



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