MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 126



The Full Moon signals a time each month when we are able to take a clear look at what is happening in our lives so we can decide if we need to make changes.

The New Moon signals a time each month where we can set our intention or find our purpose for the following four weeks.

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

Dear Aries the start of July sees you yearning to take a holiday. Everything seems so serious at present. Emotions will be running high and will make you question how you handle your relationships. There is a sense of confusion which heightens these feelings as well best not to take too much to heart until all becomes clearer.

By the full moon on the 9th July there may be some more cross words with family you feel that they are opposing your deepest wishes. There seems to be little reasoning with them and you may feel a greater need for respect in knowing what may be best for all. Security and structure will be of importance to you at this time which could be at the heart of this.

You may breathe a sigh of relief by the new moon on the 23rd July as things appear lighter pleasurable pastimes come to the fore and there could be a tendency to play rather than work. You also feel more fun-loving and enjoying the company of other people particularly younger members of the family. An inventive idea in the way of a creative project could come to you and has the potential to be very exciting indeed.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Dear Taurus there could be a preoccupation with your own or a female who is very close to your heart’s health as this month begins. This could alter your daily commitments as you reassess your priorities. There may be lots of short trips associated with this and a need for you to do some research and communicate what you find. You need to trust your feelings and be assertive in this regard.

The need for greater clarity is required by the full moon on the 9th July you may feel intensely about a situation and are required to balance the pros and cons. You may need to get any strong feelings under control as this could increase the likelihood of cloudy thinking and the likelihood of accidents and risk taking. Whatever occurs now has a transformative effect on you.

It is all about home and family by the new moon on the 23rd July your place of residence could be going through some change. A move or renovation could well be on the cards. As well as the comings and goings of family members. It may require some time for you to feel comfortable with these changes.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini the start of July sees you at your most charming and social and there may be a stronger urge than usual to be around the people you love. However your sense of values are piqued at this time so be mindful not to become judgemental over a situation that a loved one may face. They may not take too kindly to criticism. You may still be working through your finances in the first week of this month too.

At the full moon on the 9th July the situation with a loved one may reach its peak best to let them decide on their own solution otherwise cross words may ensue. You will be feeling sensitive to others needs at this time so this would be helpful in knowing when to stop giving some not needed advice.

There may well be an unexpected bill by the new moon on the 23rd July just when you thought all your finances were looking rosy. You will place all your energies into sorting this out quickly a friend or partner may know the right action to take. A wonderful social event will happen around this time which could lead to a development in love.