MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 - Page 103

As an overall design, the owner and design team took a big, brave risk, treading a fine line between creating a sublime land yacht or an ungainly, awkward behemoth. From most angles it easily falls on the right side. The main issue is with the front end. The round headlamp arrangement sits slightly awkwardly in the rather squared, recessed frontal area. This is rather eye-catching but not all together beautiful, salvaged somewhat only by the large iconic grill that focusses the eye.

Moving around to the side, Sweptail's enormousness becomes apparent with the daringly elongated body incorporating an almost excessive rear overhang. However, with a lingering look, the long overhang begins to grow on the eye, particularly in the way it tapers like a yacht's hull along the flanks whilst the gloriously ambitious full length panoramic glass roof sweeps gently down, bringing the design to a beautifully inspired conclusion. And where so often great automotive design is disappointingly interrupted by the required but inelegant, license plates, as indeed Sweptail would disastrously be, this issue has been imaginatively addressed by the number 'plate', '08', being milled from aluminium ingots, hence becoming a significant feature of the car.