MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 88

STEPHANIE BAYLOR I am a wife, a stay at home mother of three, and an Executive Consultant for the number one premium skincare company in the United States, Rodan + Fields. One of the reasons why I started my Rodan + Fields business was to have something in my life that was for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love that I am able to be home with my kids, but I was beginning to lose myself a little between the folding of the laundry and the emptying of the dishwasher. I didn't realize that becoming my own boss was going to be so much more than just having something that was all my own. It has shown me that I can be a leader and empower others. It has also shown my children that running your own business can sometimes be hard and push you out of your comfort zone, but I still show up and hustle. Whether it is to help with the embarrassing dark spots and the fine lines that you obsess over in the mirror, or even launch your own business, my goal is to inspire you to be happy in your own skin. Stacey's retreat reaffirmed my passion to not just be a stay at home mom of three energetic kiddos, but to be the CEO of my dreams.  Dreams that include expanding my Rodan + Fields business, but also the dream of creating an opportunity to help Stacey take her business to the next level. At the retreat, I found this woman inside me that wants to empower entrepreneurs and support their growth. There is no ceiling to the level of success a team of smart and powerful women can achieve.  LINDSEY MANGO I help women take CHARGE of their lives! Choose themselves when they have every reason not to! It is my purpose to find the women in the world that have an inner voice telling them they are meant for MORE, the women searching for a purpose, for growth, for support, for love, connection, and to live the most abundant and fulfilled lives they possibly can; I essentially am looking for the woman I once was. I coach women to create the happiness and life of their wildest dreams and do so by celebrating them like no one ever has, supporting their growth always, sitting with them through the challenges and staying committed to their dreams and happiness in the moments they have doubt! As a competitive athlete I grew up believing I needed to be the best. Being the BEST meant being better than someone else. At this retreat I let go of the belief that only one person can be the best. That my best and another woman's best don't need to compete. I'm on a mission to take every passionate woman to her the BEST version of herself.  RENAE MERSINO As a style coach and image consultant i am excited to take your whole image to the next level. Your image is your personal brand. When you feel great about how you look, you show up in the world as the person you want to be. I work with my clients to discover how they want to feel and how they want to be seen. Then we come up with and execute a plan to match it in their image and style. I offer personal shopping and closet edits as well. In a closet edit we work to streamline your wardrobe. We find what works, what doesn't work for you and what you need to complete your personal style. My belief is that everyone has the potential to feel their best on a daily basis. When you look your best you feel more confident and show up as your best self. Your body language changes, you stand taller and your energy is heightened. At Stacey's retreat I learned the tools necessary to help propel me forward in my business and personal life. I learned how to navigate through fearful thoughts that creep into our minds. I recognize thoughts for what they are... just thoughts. We have the power to change any negative or fearful thought which, in turn, impacts our emotions and actions. I am excited and honoured to work with you!