MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 82

A MIDNIGHT IN PARIS IN MICHIGAN STACEY SMITH AND HOW DOES SOMEONE GET WHERE THEY ARE GOING IN LIFE? Photographs by Stephanie Daviault We get there by our mindset, our process of decision making, and our level of responsibility in the world. I had been blaming the world for why I didn’t have the things I wanted…the promotion, the money, the relationships, the happiness, all of it. That moment taught me a really deep lesson about responsibility. If I “caused” my own unhappiness, I had the power to change it. And I did. It took me a while. But I deeply did. HOW DID YOU BECOME A COACH, TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY? WHAT ARE SOME INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT YOU? My journey not only to become the coach, but the woman I am today, came from the moment I really met myself, and didn’t understand who I’d become. We all have moments where we really “meet” ourselves. Sometimes this is out of joy and sometimes this is out of pain. The first of many meetings with myself began while cheating on my boyfriend and getting robbed at gunpoint in Puerto Rico. That night, I met ME at my core. I found out I was braver than I thought I was, more at peace with the possibility of death than I could have imagined, and also more confused about who I was and how I’d gotten there, and my capability to do something like that, than I could begin to reconcile. I hired my coach, Melanie Ann Layer the next day and decided to find out exactly how I got everywhere in life. It took me a lot of changing my mind to get here. A lot of my clients make it mean something negative about them if they have to try a few things before they find their purpose in life. But I was an actor; I did theater in New York and Spain. Right after I became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild, I quit. I decided I wanted to travel the country doing LIVE infomercials. I was really good at it. I became a sales expert. Then I decided I wanted to have a food blog. I am wildly passionate about food. I thought that was the thing. But each step got me closer to realizing I was wildly passionate about teaching others how to become wildly passionate...about everything.