MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 46


Model Inspiration

Nicole Gibson

At the kick off for London Fashion week, there was one models name on everyone's lips Nicole Gibson, as she sashayed down the runway wearing a vintage Couture  gown  for Models of Diversity, the fashion world would never be the same as  that night had given birth to what promised to be the one of the first openly transgender Super Model. Everyone's eyes where transfixed on the Brighton beauty and the worlds press can just not get enough of her style honesty, beauty  and down right courage. The Mail newspaper lap her up and since then things have gone from strength to strength. She is now the ambassador for Vie Aesthetics and stars in a short film for them. Channel 4 came calling and she is in talks for her own TV show ‘Nicole’. She also appeared in the TV series Catastrophe playing a Brazilian prostitute. Also later this year she will be starring in the hit series Borderline on Channel 5.

She guest starred with Classic Models at The Ritz Hotel back in May this year for a charity show in aid of The Samaritans. Nicole now has an an army of celebrity followers including us here at MilliOnAir Global Magazine. Jeanny Savage who launched the likes of Katie Price and Kelly Brooks photographed Nicole for the centre page in the The Star newspaper which caused a stir when she appeared just two weeks after gender reassignment surgery.