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Of course, not being a qualified therapist or counsellor, all I have is life experience. I tried to answer the letters but in the end I employed someone to help me.

What advice would you give to someone like little Mo if she was a friend?

It doesn’t always make me popular but I am whistleblower when it comes to any wrongdoing.

Go to the police. Tell someone. Get help.

Do you think the pressures of fame that comes with being in soaps like EastEnders can be too much?

When I was in the show, yes. Now the spotlight is on reality show stars, which takes some of the pressure off actors.

I know it’s a privileged position but one minute you’re a budding actress, the next day you’re on EastEnders. Your world changes with people thinking you actually are the character, as well as being tabloid-fodder and getting stared at in the street. Then there’s having your phone hacked....a course to train actors how to handle it all might be a good idea!

You have just finished a third series of Grantchester - will there be a fourth?

Fingers crossed! It all depends on whether we are all available. Robson Green has his own show in America and we all have projects, but let’s hope so; it’s great viewing.

What do you have coming up in the next year?

I have four films coming up but I’m afraid I can’t talk about them. That’s not me being a diva, trust me. I’d love to tell you but just can’t.

If you were only allowed to take three things on a desert island with you, what would they be?

I’m not sure they’ll thank me for this but it would be my partner and my two kids and no Wi-Fi.

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Thannk you Kacey for spending time with MilliOnAir, we look forward to hearing and seeing more of you this year and beyond.

You were recently reunited with Alex Ferns, the actor who played your abusive husband in the show. How did that feel?

Well, the papers made a headline out of it. The truth is I’d seen him a number of times since he left the show. I went to see him in the play Art and there were also other occasions. As an actor, you do a project and your life moves on. You don’t always have the time to stay in touch.

But it had been a while since I’d seen him and, as always, it was lovely to meet up.

Did people write to you about their abusive relationships?

By the sack-load! People really identified with Little Mo and they thought I could help them.

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