MilliOnAir Magazine July 2017 | Page 129

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Dear Capricorn a relationship is your focus at the beginning of July. It is fair to say that your life is going through some major transformation at this time particularly in respect of relationships. Whatever is happening has you hooked but you may be struggling with how fast it appears to be going and how it is dominating your life. Your work also requires your focus but your attention does seem to be divided and you may not be as diligent as usual.

Things become very intense personally by the full moon on the 9th July. You seem to be having to make lots of decisions at the same time in all areas of your life. Be mindful not to rush into any commitments at this stage. There may also be talk about a possible house move as well. Communications could become challenging at work and a deadline not reached as a consequence.

All seems a lot less frantic by the new moon on the 23rd July. Any decisions should be taken now as your mind will be clearer. However there may be an issue with a co- worker who you may feel is not supporting you and could be causing an atmosphere at work look deeper into their reasons why.

Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Dear Aquarius you may be pushing yourself too hard at the beginning of July. Your work and indeed everyday life appear too busy at this time. There may be an issue that you do not want to address at the heart of this and by keeping busy you have less time to think about it. You could be throwing yourself into exercise as well as a way of a diversion and may be looking to buy luxurious items for the home or starting renovations in some way.

However this issue will need to be addressed by the full moon on the 9th July and you may find that you speak out very unexpectedly. This may have something to do with your mother or another important woman in your life who has said something which has really upset you. It has also brought to the surface some feelings that you thought you had resolved.

This latest drama has brought everything out into the open by the new moon on the 23rd July things may still seem intense but they are now on their way to being healed. Emotions may still be high but you are now handling them in a pragmatic way. You could be feeling a little out in the cold though as the person concerned licks their wounds.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Dear Pisces you may be feeling very sensitive to emotional undercurrents at the start of July. Everything seems to be taken on a different meaning of late and having a bigger impact on you. This may be to do with a child or young member of your family whom you feel you cannot reach at the moment you have an inner knowing that they are keeping something to themselves but they are not speaking up.

You may have to take the bull by the horns by the full moon on the 9th July and ask them directly which could cause a few arguments. It may be to do with their friends and something unexpected but you will feel better for knowing and then can help them. On the good side your work life looks great negotiations are now going ahead on that important project it has required a lot of patience on your part but things are now moving.

You may have to wait a little longer by the new moon on the 23rd July an unexpected financial matter still needs to be resolved. However stay positive and all will come good. There may still be some issues at home but a fun day out could be just the thing you need to bring peace and harmony.

A quick word from MilliOnAir astrologer Lisa K Mellman

The month of July will prove challenging for all astrological signs in different ways. This is due to difficult aspects between the Sun and the planets Mars, Uranus and Pluto which reach their peak at the full moon on the 9th July. So hold onto your hats and try to weather any storms as best you can. When you look back at this month you will realise that these challenges were needed to clear the path ahead.

Sun sign astrology gives you a good guide to your month ahead but nothing beats having your own chart analysis done it’s based on your date, time and place of birth. This is the blue print to your life and may surprise you! If you are born on a cusp between two signs it will give you your definite astrology sign.  

Lisa’s interest in astrology started at the tender age of 14 and over the last three decades she has honed and mastered her skills and has become a respected astrologer with a wealth of private clients. Her passion lies in chart analysis and helping clients find their purpose and life direction and also providing an insight into their future potentials. If you would like an astrology

chart or just a chat as to where astrology can help you please contact Lisa at [email protected]