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LADY Michelle Mone is quite simply a phenomenal woman. 

Stylish, sexy and super-cool she built a stunningly successful lingerie brand through sheer hard work, dedication and determination.

I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle for more than ten years and I can testify that her attention to detail is second to none. She is a perfectionist who prides herself on putting every ounce of her entrepreneurial energy into every venture that she sets her mind too.

The proud mother of three split from her former husband and business partner when she discovered he was cheating on her - but in recent weeks she has opened up for the first time about her relationship with billionaire boyfriend Doug Barrowman who makes her feel like she is in a "fairytale, a beautiful dream."

And so it has ben a busy few months for the 45-year-old Tory peer, now known as Baroness Mone of Mayfair, nurturing her new relationship with the Scottish businessman, and putting the finishing touches to her latest global initiative: Michelle Mone Interiors.

In an exclusive interview in her suite at London's swanky Dorchester Hotel, Michelle revealed her latest "baby" - designing bespoke immaculate interiors for the world's most glamorous homes.

"I have always been a designer. Believe me, spending 20 years designing the perfect bra, means that I know a thing or two about design," laughs Michelle.

Design and interiors have long been a big part of Michelle's success, from the intricate design process of creating those perfect bras which made the Ultimo brand so successful to her best-selling jewellery range with QVC.

Michelle's move into the interior sector sees the collaboration with leading designer, Julie Chapman. Together they make a formidable partnership combining Michelle's business attributes and unique design flair with Julie's unrivalled talents.

Michelle explains: "Our aim is to create beautifully crafted interiors that make exceptional homes for discerning clients around the globe. The company's signature is to deliver British inspired elegance, with a twist of contemporary design and functionality that is created from the highest quality materials  and craftsmanship.

"Our team are talented, friendly, skilled and driven with passion and creativity to make every project we work on individual and tailored to the client's distinctive style. Current projects reflect the experience in creating luxurious, sophisticated and timeless interiors for private clients, property developers, hoteliers and superyacht owners.

"While much of our work is currently focused on private residential and commercial properties in London and the U.K. we also work internationally - with recent commissions in the Caribbean and Middle East.

"Our expertise lies in the clear understanding of how to balance luxurious elegance with intelligent design."

Michelle's enthusiasm for her latest pet project is infectious. She is confident that there is a demand for an exclusivity and style to bring an iconic uniqueness to the homes of the rich and famous.

"I have always been a designer. Believe me, spending 20 years designing the perfect bra, means that I know a thing or two about design,"