Military Review English Edition July-August 2015 - Page 104

(Photo by Azhar Shallal, AFP, Getty Images) Tribesmen fighting alongside Iraqi police forces hold a position on a street 30 January 2015 in Ramadi, Iraq, during a military operation against Islamic State fighters. The Role of Iraqi Tribes after the Islamic State’s Ascendance Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, PhD, and Sterling Jensen, PhD I n the midst of a military campaign littered with the bodies of its victims, the jihadist group that dubbed itself the Islamic State (IS) nonetheless managed to shock observers with a series of atrocities it inflicted on the 102 Albu Nimr tribe in Iraq’s Anbar Province during October and November 2014.1 Following the Albu Nimr’s resistance to IS military advances in Anbar, the first indications of the jihadist group’s intentions came on 27 October, July-August 2015  MILITARY REVIEW