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WordPress Development Tools [What You Might Need after Migration] cms2cms.com /blog/wordpress-development-tools-might-need-migration/ Today, WordPress is not only a blogging platform but a powerful content management system which powers more than 28% of all the websites existing on the Internet. In case you are running a WordPress website, or have an intention to start doing it, the following information will be quite useful for you. It’s a common fact that there is no progress without development. The first and foremost thing you should do when your website migration completed is applying development tools. They are useful means which will design, automatize, and boost usability of a website. Browser Tools Having tools integrated directly into your web browser can really improve your workflow as well as make it faster and more effective. WP Admin Bar Control Sometimes, when you are designing a website, some pieces of admin bar lay on the page and hide some important elements. WP Admin Bar Control is a Chrome extension aimed at viewing and hiding admin panel from your browser. By clicking on the button, you may adjust the visibility of admin bar without accessing the profile page. 1/5