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MID-COUNTY MESSENGER Spring 2012 • Vol. 21 THANK YOU. John Doemareia Mid-County is proud to serve you. Auto, Truck, & Tire Center 710 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3710 Fuel, Office, Propane 700 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3720 Agronomy 700 W. Lake St., Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3730 Holiday Convenience Store Hwy. 212 & Hwy. 284, Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-5657 www.midcountyCoop.com Fuels and energy starting with the basics When it comes to energy, we don’t just sell fu- els, we start with the basics. If you need a tank and Bill Reimers equipment, we General Manager can guide you in (952) 466-3721 [email protected] the size, place- ment, and regu- latory compliance. When it comes time for ordering fuel, we can assist in winter blending, biocides for algae, additives, taxation, etc. If your engine doesn’t seem to be running properly, we can test your fuels and lubricants for impurities, water, algae growth, and a whole host of other items. Fortunately, the Environmental Protec- tion Agency (EPA) is having a hard time fi nishing what they started. The farm storage tank rules (SPCC rules) that were supposed to go into effect in November Bulk Fuel • Fuels and energy starting with the basics - PAGE 1 • Keeping fuel tanks clean - PAGE 2 • Oil spill prevention - It’s time to prepare a plan - PAGE 2 • Staying safe with propane - PAGE 3 • Cologne’s convenient Holiday Station Store, We’re on your way! - Page 3 Propane & Home Heat 2010 have been delayed until May 2013. Specifi cs of the rules are inside this news- letter, but please call us and we can help you be in compliance. Our fertilizer blending facility is basical- ly completed. As with all projects, what you started with and what you ended up with are two different things. We started with improving the blending portion, and by the time we were done, we replaced the receiving part of the facility to speed up unloading semis into the building, es- sentially doubling the capacity of that part of the process, as well. Our auditors just fi nished up our mid- year audit for the fi rst six months of our fi scal year. In spite of the warm winter that reduced sales of heating products, we still have shown a very nice improvement in our profi t. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your co-op bet- ter. Lubricants Delivery INSIDE • Meet our new agronomy manager - PAGE 4 • Fertilizer start to fi nish - PAGE 4 - 5 • Meet our new agronomy applicator - PAGE 6 • A better way to apply - PAGE 6 • New laws prompt more vehicles to get DOT inspections - PAGE 7 HONESTY • INTEGRITY • VALUE (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 • 700 West Lake Street, P.O. Box 177, Cologne