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Mid-County Messenger Mid-County Coop Contact Information Vol. 15 www.midcountycoop.com Growing – Expanding – Improving General Manager Bill Reimers (952) 466-3721 [email protected] Agronomy Manager Dave Eckhoff (952) 466-3730 [email protected] Bill Reimers General Manager (952) 466-3721 Agronomist Joe Forner (952) 466-3730 [email protected] [email protected] Agronomy Production Specialist Doug Kraska (952) 466-3730 [email protected] Certified Energy Specialist Rafael Lozada (952) 466-3725 [email protected] Service Manager John Winter (952) 466-3710 [email protected] Petroleum Operations Quay Zander (952) 466-3727 [email protected] Cenex Convenience Store Cologne Manager Del Gallup (952) 466-5657 [email protected] Controller Dick Pauly On December 15th we purchased the bulk fuel portion of Mayer Distribut- ing in Long Lake. Along with buying the route, we also purchased the stor- age facility in Long Lake. Steve who was the driver for Mayer Distributing, is now part of the Mid-Coun- ty team and continues to deliver in that trade area. This new route has very little agricultural fuels, which allows us to diver- sify and balance out our routing. Agricultural fuels are naturally busiest in spring and fall, and this route adds gallons to deliv- er at a time when ag fuels are slower. (952) 466-3701 [email protected] 700 W. Lake St. PO Box 177 Cologne, MN 55322 (952) 466-3700 Office (952) 466-3715 Fax www.midcountycoop.com Spring 2009 We are allways work- ing hard in our Agronomy division to improve cus- tomer service in the areas of billing, accounting, and a quicker response time when you call in. As we continue to strive to be a technology leader, we sponsored an agrono- my event this March 31 at Dahlgreen Golf Course and an energy event in Feb. of interest, then will buy a contract and when it is sold we will buy another. Mid-County Cologne Convenience Store We are in the planning phase of Circle of Pride our remodel proj- Winner ect at the Cologne Convenience Store. The store was built new in 1995, and after 14 years it It is pretty hard to have a is starting to show its age. solid opinion on the energy The project should include markets these days. Some- new fascia on the building times a person can buy at and gas island canopy, and the absolute bottom, but it a complete face lift for the is nothing short of impos- interior of the store. sible, not to mention frus- trating. What we try to do is find a comfortable value. If the price range of diesel fuel in the last 3 years is a Our Auto, Truck and low of $1.50 and a high of Tire division has improved $4.50 and you can buy at dramatically for the 1st $1.75, you are doing pret- six months of our fiscal ty well. So your downside year. John and his team is probably $.25, but your have been very diligent in upside could be as much improving our customer as $2.75. communication and striv- As a supplier and a ing to be more efficient holder of a large amount in order to service your of inventory, we avoid the vehicles on a more timely speculation game, and try- basis. ing to buy a lot of gallons As always I appreciate at one time. When we con- your comments and sug- tract fuels, we first make gestions to make your coop sure we have a good level better. (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 • 700 West Lake Street, P.O. Box 177, Cologne H O N E S T Y • I N T E G R I T Y • VA L U E