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Mid-County Messenger www.midcountycoop.com Spring 2007 Working to Make Your Coop Better Mid-County Messenger Mid-County Coop Contact Information General Manager Bill Reimers (952) 466-3721 Bill Belinda Ben Bob Cody Corey [email protected] Agronomy Manager Kent Fabel (952) 466-3730 [email protected] Agronomist Joe Forner Dale Del Dick Doug Jerry Jim (952) 466-3730 [email protected] Agronomy Production Specialist Doug Kraska (952) 466-3730 [email protected] Certified Energy Specialist Rafael Lozada Joe Joyce Julie Kent Lynn Mark with Quay Raf Nikki Zach Honesty Integrity Value (952) 466-3725 [email protected] Service Manager Jim Jochum (952) 466-3710 [email protected] Petroleum Operations Quay Zander (952) 466-3727 [email protected] Office Manager Belinda Storms (952) 466-3723 [email protected] Cenex Convenience Store Cologne Manager Del Gallup Vol. 11 www.midcountycoop.com Spring 2007 Growing and Improving I enjoy looking at histori- cal photos and reading about the early days of Mid-County Coop. I have read old meet- ing notes as far back as the ‘30s, and have some old pho- tos; I can’t believe how much things have changed at Mid- County. I have the 25th annual report from 1960. In this report, there are clean trucks, well dressed employees, and clean facilities. Today’s marketplace requires you to have a top- notch image. We are making a continual effort to improve our image throughout the entire company. We have re-sided and spruced up the agronomy, administrative and petroleum offices. We also added on to a stor- age building, and if all goes well, we will have our equip- ment storage building ready before fall. At the Mid-County Auto Truck and Tire Center, we have expanded the park- ing lot, and re-leveled and re- seeded a large part of the lot. We are continuing to plan improvements to the Cenex Bill Reimers General Manager (952) 466-3721 [email protected] Convenience Store. We are in the planning stages of add- ing kerosene, dyed off-road diesel fuel, and premium gas to our product offerings. We would also like to add a pro- pane refill station. Since the store was built in 1995, it is now ready for some cosmetic improvements to the interior and exterior of the property and building, which we hope to complete in the next 12 months. You may have noticed through our marketing efforts our commitment to the agron- omy business. We have the people, we have the facilities, and we have the equipment to offer you what it takes to make your operation profit- able. We are also very excited about our new scouting and crop consulting program. We plan to bring our service level one notch higher, and we are currently signing up acres for the upcoming crop year. Getting back to the old days, our roots were in energy, and that is where a majority of our sales are. The product offerings we have now include: lubricants for any piece of machinery; propane for homes, businesses and farms; fuels that include dyed fuels, clear fuels, winter fuels, soy fuels; and gasoline and Ethanol for cars, trac- tors, ATV’s, race cars, boats, and an occasional airplane, to name a few. Our product offerings are second to none. As always, I appreciate your calls and comments how we can make your Coop bet- ter. Serving you with Honesty, Integrity, and Value! (952) 466-3701 [email protected] Controller Dick Pauly (952) 466-3723 [email protected] Hon 700 W. Lake St. Cologne, MN (952) 466-3700 Office (952) 466-3715 Fax www.midcountycoop.com esty • Inte grity • Val ue H O N E S T Y • I N T E G R I T Y (952) 466-3700 • 888-466-3700 700 West Lake Street, P.O. Box 177, Cologne • VA L U E