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YOU’RE IN y r t n u o C Mid-County Fall Messenger INSIDE: Page 2 - 3 Energy Page 4 - 5 Agronomy Page 6 - Auto, Truck, & Tire Fall 2018 • Vol. 34 www.midcountycoop.com On the go! Bill Reimers General Manager (952) 466-3721 [email protected] Mid-County just fi nished our fi scal year on August 31st. Our auditors were here in October to fi nalize the fi nancials. Once again, I believe you will be pleased with the fi nancial performance of your cooperative. We have set a date for the annual meeting which will be held Friday, Dec. 7 at Willkommen Park Pavilion in Norwood Young America. Check our website for more details to come. Mid-County of Waverly On June 21st, we purchased Mark’s Service Convenience Store in Waverly. We continue to operate the store under the Tesoro brand, but it is our intent to convert it to a Holiday Stationstore in the upcoming months. Along with the conversion will be an addition on the east side of the existing store. This will allow us to have a broader selection of grocery items, expand our food and beverage section, new restrooms and additional parking. We are currently waiting for the bidding process to be completed before we can start construction. be completed early November. To avoid a complete shutdown for gasoline, we are switching a diesel pump on the north side of the store to off er gas. It will be crowded for a while, but it will be worth it in the end. Agronomy We have been very fortunate the last few years to have been able to service our fertilizer customers on a timely basis without creating any delays in planting. We work with our customers to schedule a time that we will be there. What makes this possible is the relationship we have with you as a customer, the time spent on pre- season planning, and the in-season coordination. When we work together, we can get the job done in time. Spraying has become a bit more complicated the past few years. There was a time when everything was Roundup Ready. Things have changed. Several acres have converted back to conventional varieties (not Roundup Ready) , with added restrictions of Dicamba, the natural eff ect is that we apply less acres per day. What once took two sprayers to cover all of the acres, now takes three. Throw in a rainy spray season like we had this past year, it makes it a diffi cult situation to spray on a timely basis. To overcome these challenges, we have recently hired 2 additional custom applicators to make sure that when the weather is right, and the crop is ready, we can get out in the fi elds and get the job done. Please look for their bio’s inside the newsletter to get to know them better. Energy Mid-County of Waverly located at 801 Pacific Ave, right off high- way 12 in Waverly. Featuring gas, diesel, food, bait, and much more! (763) 658-4662 • midcountywaverly.com We are continuing to re-invest into your cooperative. You may have noticed an additional 5,800 gallon fuel truck, and a 5,300 gallon propane truck on the road. We need to keep our fl eets fresh and modern in order to maintain a high level of service. Thank you for your support in keeping Mid-County a strong locally owned coop since 1935. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions to make your coop better. Cologne Holiday With the continued growth we have experienced at the Cologne Holiday store, we fi nd it necessary to expand and improve the gasoline islands to better serve the community. When completed, there will be all new gas pumps with an additional pump installed to the east. The canopy will be expanded as well. There will be two new underground tanks installed allowing us to off er E85 and E15 gasoline at our pumps. Construction should Mid-County Energy’s new 5,300 gallon propane truck. Mid-County Energy’s new 5,800 gallon fuel truck.