MHMRA of Harris County - Annual Report FY 2012 2012 - Page 9

Investing in Healthy Minds and a Healthy Community Make the Smart Investment Better state funding for MHMRA could make our neighborhoods safer, sick people healthier and our tax bills lighter. -Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia,Cypress Creek Mirror, Dec. 31, 2012 Adult mental health outpatient services Continuity of care through MHMRA’s clinics helped consumers reduce their use of more expensive crisis services. Compared to the year before beginning treatment, consumers actively receiving outpatient care reduced their admission rates to crisis services by: 50% Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC) 49% 36% MHMRA Psychiatric Emergency Services Harris County Jail MHMRA’s ongoing, community-based care is more effective at preventing future crises, and it is also more cost-efficient. Compare the average costs of one day of service: $ $ approximately $ approximately 21 approximately 500 per day 130 per day MHMRA Adult Mental health outpatient services per day Acute inpatient care at HCPC Harris County Jail Crisis Intervention Response Teams 7,623 CALLS IN FY 2012 MHMRA’s licensed, master-level clinicians partner with experienced Houston Police officers and Harris County Sheriff’s deputies certified in crisis intervention training to respond to calls that may involve people with mental illness. %