MHMRA of Harris County - Annual Report FY 2012 2012 - Page 5

Investing in Healthy Minds and a Healthy Community Letter from our Leaders Fiscal Year 2012 was another successful year for MHMRA of Harris County. Despite economic difficulties at state and county levels that led to substantial funding reductions for our Agency, we were able to rebalance and readjust our expenses and service commitments – never an easy process. We could not have done this without incredible effort and dedication from our staff, contract providers, community partners, consumers and their family members, and advocates. As you read this year’s annual report, please consider the challenges we have experienced and overcome, as well as the critical nature of the services we provide. So many of the people MHMRA serves have conditions that are long-term, if not lifelong in nature. We are not able to cure these conditions, but when we are given the resources to wrap services and supports around our consumers, we are able to assist many in achieving a higher level of functioning and positive participation in the community. Our community can not afford to ignore those with mental illness or intellectual disabilities, or limit resources to address these conditions. Society will always pay – one way or another – for these conditions. Either we will pay through a positive, appropriate system of interventions and supports, or we will invest our limited resources in more reactionary, less effective approaches. Though we achieved positive results for the people we serve and our community, FY 2012 was a challenging year that necessitated continuing systematic adjustments. The challenges and opportunities in FY 2013 are expected to continue, if not intensify. We can and will be successful in navigating the ever-changing health care environment, but we will not do it without your h