MHMRA of Harris County - Annual Report Fiscal 2013-2014 - Page 7

the Texas Legislature appropriated an additional $312.5 million for mental health and substance abuse services in Texas. These new dollars would address the decade-long decline in funding resulting in the years-long waiting lists for adult mental health services, enhance programs for underserved populations, boost child and adolescent mental health programs, and create new and improved crisis programs, among other promising initiatives. The new dollars from the 83rd Legislative Session along with the funds from the 1115 Medicaid Waiver program provided the soil on which to build the promising new initiatives and service expansions that would the Texas Legislature appropriated an additional $312.5 benefit countless Harris County million for mental health and substance abuse services in residents. The next section Texas previews the status of these improvements and the milestones These new dollars would address the years-long waiting already achieved. lists for adult mental health services M e n ta l H e a lt h S e r v i c e s Waiting List for Adult Mental Health Now Zero O ne of the major accomplishments achieved in these two fiscal years was the elimination of the six-year-old waiting list for public mental health care in Harris County. The waiting list, which grew to 1700 adults with associated waits for services of over one year, was eliminated thanks to new state and federal funding. Harris County residents who qualify can now begin treatment at our Center without having to wait. Through the new funds appropriated during the 83rd Texas Legislative Session and through the 1115 Medicaid Waiver, MHMRA hired staff and expanded capacity of our mental health outpatient clinics, including the re-opening of a facility in the Northeast region of Harris County. More engagement teams at the Eligibility Center are now available to help guide patients into available mental health services. Since the start of the Wait List project, 1500 additional patients are now receiving services each month. Expansion of Outpatient Service Capacity F rom serving 8200 clients each month, MHMRA served an average of 9,800 per month in Fiscal Year 2014. We are preparing to serve an average of 11,000 per month by the end of FY 2015. The new dollars enabled us to build out additional treatment team capacity. A treatment team is an interdisciplinary group of clinicians that work together to provide services to a specified caseload of patients. Each team includes a psychiatrist, a nurse, lead therapists, and case workers. We now have capacity for 5 new treatment teams. Of these, 3 are fully operational, and the other 2 are now beginning to take shape. (Continued on the next page) Annual Report 2013-2014 | Building Brighter Possibilities | pg. 4