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INDEX SuSPENDED PlatforMS MHB Introduction relax. It's an altrex Modular suspended platform system (MHB) aluminium roofbeems Hoists parts MHB specials and accessoires applications MHB and Custom made MHB Configurations tables and load tables 2 3 4 18 20 23 26 28 45 MHB (Modular Suspended Platform System) Most Innovative Platform of the world! the altrex Modular suspended platform system (MHB) is used world wide for years and years for working safely at heights. altrex MHB systems are calculated for strength and stability by the latest and most advanced calculation methods which are granted by the well known and independent German certifying company fachausschuss Bau (faB). new in the altrex assortment is the MHB 80. this suspended platform has 2 new components namely higher u- and side-frames in comparison to MHB 60 (the regular MHB), these make the platform a lot stronger. the loading capacity has been improved up to 200% (depending on the length of the platform) compared to MHB 60. Besides the load ability, the platform can also be build up to longer lengths with MHB 80. MHB 80 can be build up to a length of 18m in combination with end stirrups. When combined with a walk through stirrup it can be build up to 26m! MHB 80 is only available for New! MHB 80! straight platforms. MHB 60 assortment has, besides straight platforms, also the possibility for corner sections (fixed or adjustable), double deck, Boiler stage etc. configurations. It is possible to upgrade a MHB 60 to MHB 80. therefore only new u-frames and side frames are necessary. there is also an adapter available which fits on a u-frame MHB 60 (connected by 2 connection pins), and upgrades it to MHB 80. than, besides the adapters, only new side frames are necessary to upgrade a MHB 60 to MHB 80. a MHB 80 with adapters allows the same length as the complete MHB 80 platform configurations. More information can be found on page 10 / 11.