Metro North ABE Links Newsletter, Spring 2020 - Page 4

Metro North ABE Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a free program that helps adults develop basic reading, writing, math and English skills to achieve their goals and thrive in their community. Metro North ABE is a partnership between eight school districts in the north metro area that provides a range of classes, now online and with various schedules to meet students’ needs. For more information got to NEWS FROM OUR SITES Our mission: To inspire and challenge all learners to reach their full potential. In a safe, supportive environment we will teach the skills needed to succeed as responsible citizens in our changing world. Our vision: To provide programs that develop the skills needed by individuals to achieve their goals. Metro North ABE Contact information: Anoka: Patrick Hobot 763-433-4200 Blaine: Molly Liberto 763-433-4200 Columbia Heights/Fridley and Brooklyn Center: Kathleen Moriarty 763-706-3833 Centennial: Cori Sendle 763-433-4200 Elk River: Pam Moriarity 763-241-3400 ext. 5525 St. Francis: Tammi Bernard 763-753-7190 Anoka Data shows that roughly 18 percent of high school graduates entering college next fall and up to 40 percent of non-traditional learners entering college may need developmental (remedial) skills classes to be ready for college-level courses. Students in developmental education programming at a college are significantly less likely to complete their entire program and earn a degree or certificate. With the likelihood of a larger number of people looking to build their skills to return to the workforce after this crisis passes, the Anoka sites are busy offering online and hybrid specialized courses such as Math for Test Prep, Reading Fundamentals, and the TEAS test prep series that are designed to help students be well prepared for their next steps and to avoid costly developmental-level courses at the colleges. We have designed very strong, collaborative partnerships with Anoka-Ramsey Community College and Anoka Technical College to achieve this mutually desirable goal. Blaine Starting in January, teachers at Blaine Learning Lab integrated the 2020 Census into lesson plans, using the role of the census in civics activities, from its origin in the constitution to voting today. Teachers used graphs of population change in math lessons, read current event articles on the politics of the census, and calculated the benefit for each complete census: $28,000 per person. Even with teachers moving from classroom teaching to distance learning, teachers continued to support students as they received their census form in the mail. Teachers contacted all students during distance learning preparation and continued to use the important activity of being counted to help each student continue to learn. Brooklyn Center Brooklyn Center Adult Education partnered with the Joint Community Police Partnership (JCPP) to bring Community Academy classes to our adult learners beginning in January 2020. The Community Academy consists of a series of classes to learn more about police procedures, laws, and personal safety. The class content is geared toward immigrants and refugees as it focuses on topics that have been identified as of interest to new American communities. The purpose of the Academy is to create a situation for positive, non-emergency interactions between the community and the police, as well as to encourage community members to learn about local laws, how the police work, and how to protect themselves. While this session was interrupted due to COVID-19, we look forward to launching again in the coming school years. 4