Metro North ABE Links Newsletter, Spring 2020 - Page 3

Top quality teachers Metro North ABE teacher, Amber Delliger, was recently recognized as one of the 36 teachers in the state to be nominated for “Minnesota Teacher of the Year.” We were able to catch up with her to see what her new virtual classroom looks like, and how distance learning works for our adult students. “The last thing I want for any student out there right now is to get a negative experience around school. This is not a normal time and while our students will likely remember less of the content, they will remember how we loved them, cared for their wellbeing, and treated them with respect and grace.That’s the most important thing to me.” To learn more about Amber’s work, please see her story on our web site. https://bit. ly/MetroNorthABEAmber Adult diploma While we were all sheltering in place, many learners across the Metro North ABE consortium continued to work on the goals they set before anyone thought of a pandemic. One reason adult learners come to Metro North ABE is to complete their high school diploma. Many adults chose to pursue their high school diploma through a portfolio process called Adult Diploma, often building off credits he or she earned in K-12 and working on additional ways to show their competency in the subject matter. In the Adult Diploma Program, learners are able to take advantage of advisors that work with them individually through the entire process to support them on their path to graduation and beyond. Two students at Elk River Community Education Center completed the arduous task of earning their state adult diploma during the pandemic. The portfolios were submitted in April for approval by the Minnesota Department of Education. Another credit recovery diploma student is weeks away from completing her portfolio as well! 3 Congratulations Ceara Rhines for completing her Adult Diploma