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Program structure A 24-month program with options to complete in 18-months comprising a combination of on-campus sessions around the world and biweekly classes in your local city. September (Year 1 & 2) Leadership Development in Boston: Through a 7-day course you’ll set the foundation for the year ahead with intensive leadership development sessions, lectures, and workshops and build relationships with classmates and faculty from all over the world. October-April (Year 1 & 2) Interactive Conference Room sessions in your city: Classes are held in designated Conference Room locations across North and South America every other weekend, over Saturday and Sunday. You’ll be part of a Conference Team of 5-10 people who will be connected to faculty teaching live from campus and other teams across the Americas via multipoint video-conferencing. Real-time team projects: Professor-led morning sessions will always be followed by hands-on team projects in the afternoon, so you can directly apply your learning in a real-world scenario. April (Year 2) In your final year, your team will have three weeks tackle a final competitive team challenge: the Future Challenge. You’ll devise a plan to harness a disruptive technology to create a compelling new business opportunity for your own startup or for an existing company. May-July (Year 1&2) Electives at any of our global campuses: You’ll be able to customize your degree with a choice of a wide range of elective topics and study 3-day weekends once a month. This is a unique opportunity to study at our Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, or New York campuses and build your international network with classmates. August (Year 2) Graduation: You’ll be invited to attend the graduation ceremony in Boston to connect with your global alumni network before you go on to your next chapter. All graduates will be awarded their diploma upon successful completion of the program in April of their second year. 4