MESA/Boogie® Amplitudes™ ISSUE 5 - Page 5

STOWAWAY™ INPUT BUFFER HIGH-WIRE™ BOOST CLEARLINK™ LINE-DRIVER CLEARLINK™ RECEIVER The STOWAWAY™ provides a quick and easy fix to the deep-rooted signal loss and inconsistent tone issues faced by guitarists. It accom- plishes this by providing the weakest link in every gui- tar rig, the guitar itself, with a resolute load which seg- regates it from the many variables on a pedalboard and the long cable run to a back-line amplifier. It does so by converting the guitar’s high-impedance signal to low-impedance, which also minimizes its susceptibility to noise and interference. The HIGH-WIRE™ provides the guitar and amplifier, with a resolute load and source, via its input buffer and output line-driver. The two circuits form an effects loop, which segregates the guitar and amplifier from the variables on a pedalboard. As a result, the only variations in sound and tone will be from the ac- tual effect of the pedals on the pedalboard, and not from a guitar or amplifier related loading or impedance mis- match issue. The CLEARLINK™ SEND’s in- tegrated line-driver circuit is capable of driving up to a 330ft/100m balanced or shorter unbalanced cable run, via standard XLR micro- phone or shielded 1/4” TS in- strument cables. A recessed and countersink protected side-panel pot allows intent- ly adjusting the output signal level reaching the back-line amplifier. The CLEARLINK™ RECEIVER is a high performance passive audio device that can receive a balanced guitar signal from as far away as 330ft/100m with great integrity and noise immunity. Used in tandem with the CLEARLINK™ SEND, it can manage long-distance guitar signals between wire- less units, pedalboards, and amplifiers - whether on-stage or off-stage, distance doesn’t really matter anymore. In the studio, it allows a guitar player to sit in the control room and connect to a far away amplifi- er in the live room . Amplitudes Magazine ― 5