Mental Matters May 2013 - Page 3

EDITORIAL M Let’s talk recovery ental Health is slowly but surely becoming less taboo in society.Thanks to many initiatives including the ‘See me campaign’ and ’Choose Life.’ I think that it’s great that the Scottish Governernment are committed to reducing stigma towards mental illness and also to reduce the amount of suicide in Scotland. It’s not just the Government though who have been making strides in this area, a lot of credit needs to also go to the mental health charities like SAMH and Pnenumbra who are giving back across a variety of services from crisis support to working with addictions. Of course, there is still a long way to go and I’m hoping that with the launch of this magazine: we can as a nation collectively do our own bit to reduce stigma and raise awareness. Nobody chooses to be physically ill and likewise mental illness is no different. I’m looking for contributors for the next edition of this magazine, and I hope ‘mental matters’ can grow. I can only do so much myself but this is only the start of an exciting journey. Please send any feedback or suggestions for the next edition to The Scottish people are renowned for being story-tellers. In this magazine, I want to share the stories that recovery is possible, recovery will happen and highlight it’s important to share our stories. At my lowest point, I thought I’d never get better, but with a little bit of hope - I do believe again. Holly McCormack 4 6 8 10 11 WHAT IS SCOTLAND’S MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID? RECOVERY FEATURE A SOCIAL NETWORK Independent trainer Amanda O Connell talks about her career change CONTENTS Beth Burgess talks of hope and recovery from alcoholism and BPD Is social media a help or a hinderance towards our mental health? MENTAL HEALTH NEWS / LETTER TO THE EDITOR REVIEW News from across Scotland/ Comment from the readers A look back at Taking Over the Asylum