Men's Victorian Stereotypes vol II.

Annotated Bibliography Reframing the Victorian Era. Gender and Sexuality in the Victorian era. 9 DECEMBER 2014. and-sexuality-in-victorian-era.html This article talks about how gender pattern of patriarchy that binds stereotypes were perceived in the women. Victorian Era such as the original model of the women taking care of the offspring at home, doing the household shore and, of course, being the pleasant sexual object to pleased her husband wishes and necessities. On the other side, there is the stereotype of the man who has to go outside to work hard and bring the food at home. The stereotypes of the man which society always flatter by putting it on the top above all created creatures, including woman. The article argued how these stereotypes are not true at all, but there exists some feminine power at that Era who has fought to break the They mentioned that one way how women defied the social construction was through prostitution. Situation that leads girls to hard criticism by society, labeling them as the “fallen women.” It is mentions that Henry Mayhew interviewed prostitutes and released the idea of the 'happy prostitute” which encapsulates this "move away from the patriarchal pattern of male supremacy/ female dependency". This idea deals with how the man becomes dependent on the prostitute to fulfil his desires and consequently this leads to female supremacy in relation to the happy prostitute.