Memories | Page 6

The Build Parts are being gathered and we’re on our way to starting this historical build as a tribute to one of the Kustom car hobby’s biggest enthusiasts Rich Pichette, and to build awareness to one of society’s worst illnesses Alzheimer’s. Financial support is still needed in order to complete the build on time for its debut. With Rich’s passing, (July 28, 2010) the project name “Memories” is now more meaningful than ever. The chassis went to BIO Kustumz and thanks to Max and the crew they installed an air bag suspension. Thanks to the following companies for donating parts: AccuAir, RCD Classics, Slam Specialties, Napa Auto Parts and Currie Enterprises. Now we have our air bag suspension to get that proper low Kustom stance. The 302 Ford engine is being built by Wayne’s Engines in Riverside, Ca. using an intake manifold, Carburetor and water pump from Edelbrock. We also used their “Classic series” finned valve covers and air cleaner to keep the nostalgia look. The B&M Supplied C-6 automatic transmission and torque converter was installed to round off the drive train. Now we just need a drive shaft to connect it all. The body has been mounted on the frame and the car is at Keith Dean’s South End Kustoms to start on the body. Keith and the talented build team, under the direction of Rick Dore, will start the transformation of the stock “54 Mercury” into a one of a kind Kustom. The entire body has been stripped of all paint and rust. The removal of the roof section along with the B & C pillars has been done and the windshield frame has been chopped. In addition Keith will be installing the 57 Chevy quarter panels to create the heart beat belt line. Then it’s off to the Grand National Roadster Show to be displayed in it’s under construction state. “Memories” was on display at the 62nd Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, Ca. The car was in bare metal to show the progress of the project. Many of the builders involved in the project were on hand to discuss the time line of the build so the 2012 deadline can be made. We also received inquiries from other on how they can assist. Pertronix has agreed to supply the ignition system and Patriot will supply the exhaust. This spring the Memories project was taken to Jason Pall at Bear Metal -