Memoria [EN] Nr 35 (08/2020) - Page 8

Permanent exhibition at the Memorial and museum in Sobibór to be completed soon

Katarzyna Boraca, State Museum at Majdanek

The project of establishing a new architectural and urban planning concept within the former German extermination camp, which has been implemented for several years, represents international character. The works are agreed with the Steering Committee consisting of the representatives of four states: Poland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Slovakia and Israel. The artistic and architectural design has been developed by the team of architects: Marcin Urbanek, Piotr Michalewicz, Łukasz Mieszkowski and Mateusz Tański.

In July 2017, works on securing the clearing where mass graves with the ashes of the victims are situated were completed. Dignified commemoration as well as protection and appropriate securing of this place constitute the most important element of the concept of establishing a new museum. The clearing was covered with layers of geotextile and white marble aggregates.

The next stage included the construction of the premises of the Museum and Memorial Site in Sobibór. In 2019, works connected with adapting them to museum activity were carried out. The building inscribes in the space of former German extermination camp with its shape. It consists of a glazed exhibition hall, where main exhibition is being prepared, as well as a multi-purpose space intended among others for conducting educational classes, lectures and seminars. The building also includes a visitor service centre as well as office space for the staff.