Memoria [EN] No 50 (11/2021) - Page 17

“Marbles of Remembrance” is funded by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future.”

If you would like to try out “Marbles of Remembrance” for yourself, just search for @MarblesBot on Telegram.

more about the fates of Zvi, Hanni, and other children. The stories of the persecuted children and young people are based on information from the card file of the Reich Association of Jews in Germany and from the “pupil cards” it contains, which are kept in the Arolsen Archives. Using these documents, “Marbles of Remembrance” brings to light information about 8,500 Berlin children and more than 340 locations and makes it publicly accessible.

“We've grown up with the Internet and with smartphones – and that's how we get most of our information. Direct communication on social media platforms is part of everyday life and learning. That makes the chatbot particularly suitable as a new medium for interactive storytelling. This way, you experience history on a more direct, more emotional level,” explains Nina Hentschel, Co-Founder & CMO at