Memoria [EN] No 50 (11/2021) | Page 11

Postcard from Mathilde Kornitzer to her husband Jacques Klapholz at Les Mazures, returned to sender in October 1942.

Source: Kazerne Dossin – Fonds Blanche Kornitzer, A008933.01

photos exchanged between the OT men and their families are lost. And for many families there might not have been any communication at all since Antwerp was hit by four large raids in August and September 1942, leading to the deportation of hundreds of relatives of the OT men, before their own mass deportation in October 1942. However, such micro studies do allow us to illustrate some of the possible reactions to the existence of such communication and to take into account the impact of news on both the men and their families.


Combining micro and macro analysis for both an academic and a wider audience has always been a core element in the Left Behind project. The visual part was initially only included as a tool for academic presentations and publications, and to invite a broad audience to engage with both the statistical research and the personal stories.