Memoria [EN] No 42 (03/2021) - Page 9

In April 1945 they ordered us out of the camp. There was no train or bus, we were on foot. The Death March. We came to the sea and there were barges.  Ronit (Ritas daughter): 'They put my mother and the others in five or six barges and pulled them out to sea. The barges had no motor and after 2 days they left them at sea with no water, no food, nothing. They were like skeletons.'


We waited to die in the sea. A barge with prisoners from Norway, Poland, Greece…After one day and one night we did not know what to do. One man said we must begin to swim. We did not know where we were, which country, which sea, we just wanted to swim so we did. We could die in the sea or we could die on the boat. I had to survive, I had to stay alive because I had to tell, must tell, what happened”.

Rita Weiss. Tel Aviv, Israel, December 4th, 2017

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