Memoria [EN] No 42 (03/2021) - Page 15

people of Jewish origin from across Europe

that was organized by the Polish diplomats. The “Passports” exhibition prepared by the Pilecki Institute has already been displayed in Switzerland, Israel, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The accompanying meetings with representatives of the families of those saved thanks to the passports have provided an opportunity to understand their personal experiences. The promotion of The Ładoś List was an occasion to present the campaign undertaken by the Polish diplomats and Swiss activists in such places as London, New York, Connecticut and Berlin, as well as to exchange knowledge and information with journalists, scholars and descendants of passport holders. We continue to hold debates, conferences, seminars and meetings devoted to the operation carried out by the Ładoś Group. We kindly invite you to familiarize yourself with reports on the events, interviews and speeches.

The website’s partner is the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, which has held the Chaim Eiss collection – an archive which represents one of the fundamental sources of knowledge on the passport campaign – since August 2018.