Memoria [EN] No. 14 (11/2018) | Page 19


subject to a contest conducted by the Centre for Citizenship Education and the Association of Children of the Holocaust in Poland. At the first ceremony in 2006, the prize was awarded to a Polish and American teacher by Irena Sendler herself. The winner of this year’s edition was Mr Mirosław Skrzypczak, a Polish language teacher from a complex of schools in Szczekociny.

The international conference 'How to Talk about the Righteous' was officially opened by the US Ambassador in Poland, - Ms Georgette Mosbacher. In her address to the conference participants gathered in the lecture theatre - teachers, educators, cultural animators - she said: “You are the ones that change the world, the ones who educate future generations and influence people’s attitudes in terms of remembering, discussing and studying the Holocaust”. Further, in her speech, she pointed to the significance of this education in today’s troubled world.

The words of the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Anna Azari, resonated with that of the US Ambassador.

All images in this article: POLIN Museum of History of Polish Jews