Memoria [EN] No. 14 (11/2018) | Page 21

past events and testify to their authenticity. The presentation of the new technology, New Dimensions in Testimony, aroused lively discussions and reflections among the conference participants, and the major subject was the possibility of using this technology in the historical education of children and the youth.

The subsequent two days of the conference were devoted primarily to workshops during which the participants, divided into groups, explored and discussed several aspects related to the rescue of Jews during the Holocaust, as well as post-war and contemporary narratives about events from the past. Each workshop section was preceded by a substantive lecture. It was inaugurated by Stanlee Stahl, Executive Vice President of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. In a very moving way, she presented several personal stories of the rescuers and the rescued. She pointed to the personal traits of the rescuers, which in her opinion were decisive in undertaking such rescue efforts. She listed, among others: courage, friendship, and altruism.

The afternoon workshop session was held simultaneously with the lecture of Dr Agnieszka Haski from the Jewish Holocaust Research Centre IFiS PAN. The title of her lecture, 'The Whole of Poland saves Jews? Between Reality and Memory - Contemporary Discourse about the Righteous', indicated the unclichéd and deviating approach to the dominant subject on rescuing and the Righteous. Referring to specific examples, the lecturer showed the uniqueness in the attitudes of the Righteous, their action in solitude, even against the opinion of the majority of society.

On the next day of the conference, the workshop session ran in parallel with the lecture titled 'From Outside? Towards a New Conceptualisation of a Polish Witness', by Karolina Koprowska from the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University. The speaker introduced the listeners to a new research terminology describing the Polish experience of the Holocaust. She presented arguments justifying the deviation from the term “witness” to “outsider”. Both lectures aroused considerable interest among the conference participants aspektu poruszanych zagadnień.

Stanlee Stahl, Executive Vice President of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous