Memoria [EN] Memoria [EN] Nr 45 (06/2021) | Page 17

The Greek female inmates mentioned above had previously been exposed to X-rays by Dr Dering during sterilisation experiments, to such an extent that the injuries in some even extended as far as the tailbone. In the footnotes to his book, Michał Wójcik provides a source for this information, but it is not true. Although Felicja Pleszowska, in her testimony of 24 October 1946, mentions these burns, she does not make such an accusation against Dering and does not consider him a perpetrator. These irradiations were carried out by an SS doctor, Dr Horst Schumann, in barrack 30 on the grounds of the Birkenau women's camp. Dr Dering took no part in them.

In the book, Michal Wojcik states: "And yet the case of Dr Dering is special. A member of the underground, one could say its pillar - becomes the closest collaborator of the perpetrators in the camp".

 In doing so, he tries to discredit Calvary Capt. Witold Pilecki, who, after fleeing the camp in April 1943, wrote a positive opinion on Dr Dering (the "W" Report), acknowledging him as his close associate and a pillar of the military conspiracy in KL Auschwitz.

The accusations levelled against Dr Dering intensify in the book under review when its author writes about the fact that the doctor participated in the mass castration of Jews and Jewish women. "I cut 20 eggs out of young Jews today. Plenty of eggs for scrambled eggs" were Dering's words spoken in the presence