Melange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine July 2020 | Page 62

BLOG: Adventures of an Island Girl WEBSITE: Since its creation in 2011, Alyssa’s blog, Adventures of an Island Girl, has been an entertaining chronicle of her adventures as she travelled through the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and at home in Grenada. Alyssa Bierzynski In 2019, Alyssa resigned from her position as a university lecturer to pursue her dream of writing stories inspired by the world around her. Now, as the blog continues to grow, Alyssa sees it as a space to inspire and provide resources for Caribbean travellers looking to create their own adventures. was supposed to leave I Grenada on April 8th. Instead, that one-way ticket is now a travel credit with a use-by date that keeps getting extended. Other than a dream to travel the world and write about it, I didn’t have much of a plan when I said goodbye to my job in 2019. With a growing travel wish list, I agonized over whether I had it in me to be a fearless female solo traveller. Turns out I did, and took my first solo trip to New Zealand, ending 2019 with a bang. When 2020 dawned full of promising adventures for this island girl, I was sure of two things: that I was finally going to play mas’ in Trinidad, and when I left Grenada in April, I wouldn’t be back home for a while. Like many other travellers, I naively thought that Covid-19 wouldn’t affect all of my travel plans. “April is still a month away, it’ll be fine.” “My travel conference isn’t until May, it’ll be fine.” “Well, my writing course is in July, maybe it won’t