Megamind 1 - Page 7

The ozone has a hole?

What's that?... It's not a real hole, it's just a thinner layer of the ozone layer. But this is a problem because it let's more UV rays hit the earth. It is caused by many factors that all produce one group of gases calledthe CFCs (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons).

Theses gases can be found in spray cans, refrigerator and air conditioning systems. Cars and factories also produce some of these gases like carbon dioxide that damage the ozone layer.

If the ozone layer becomes too thin not only humans will be affected negativly but also plants and animals.

This is why we must start protecting our ozoe layer! In order to do that we should:

buy products that are CFCs free

produce less carbon dioxide (for example carpooling or using public transportation)

Plant more trees

By: Hana Sarhan