Megamind 1 - Page 26

Our Mission:

Clara: My mission in making this magazine is to encourage kids to think and learn more creatively. I want to make them eager to know new information that will hopefully build up their curiosity and turn them into great scientific thinkers in the future. This is a scientific literacy magazine aimed to turn on the lights in the kid's brains and help them see "beyond the surface" of whatever material they may be learning at school. Like our slogan says, "THINK MEGA". Be bold and never give up if you think you're wrong, just keep trying which is a message I hope Thomas Edison's Activity sent to the children reading this magazine.

Hana: I chose participating in writing this magazine because my aim is to make children learn about unusual things that they might not learn at school (like the Rafflesia arnoldii plant) to open their eyes to new things and ideas to become scientific thinkers. Children are our future so we have to invest a lot of time in making them scientific literacy students because the future lies in their hands. This magazine hopfully will teach them to think beyond the ordinary, be more curious and creative. They should learn to never give up and always keep trying even if they sometimes fail. Some say failure is the first step to success.

Moustafa: Our mission is to educate young children and inform them with general scientific knowledge, relevant to their age group, that they may benefit from later on in life.