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Thomas Edison is America’s most celebrated inventor. He was born in Ohio on February 11th 1847 and has 7 older brothers. As a young student, he was very curious and got in trouble at school. His teachers called him “addled” which means slow. Therefore, he was home-schooled by his mother who was also a school teacher. From a very early age he took an interest in chemistry and was encouraged to open up a lab in the basement of his home. At the age of 12, he started publishing and selling newspapers to train passengers. After this time, he started becoming a full-time inventor in which he invented:

The telegraph (1874)

Telephone Transmitter (1876)

The phonograph (1877)

Electrical light bulb (1879)

Talking doll (1890)

Early version of a digital



When he died, people all around America turned off their lights for one minute in his honour.


Phonograph: early record player

Telegraph: early communication device that used Morse code, which was brief sounds or signals

Addled: slow, not smart

Every month we will introduce you to a new scientist that has made a huge impact on our lives today. So, Ever wondered how life used to be without t the light bulb? Well, you don't have to now! This is because of:

By: Clara Agban