Megamind 1 - Page 14


It is said that almost 2/3 of the vast ocean space is still undiscovered! However, some of the most famous species of fish are:

Ocra/Killer Whale which can live up to 50 years and travel in groups named pods.

Sea turtles which can live up to 80 years and are found in warmer areas of the ocean

Dolphins which are one of the most intelligent species. The manta ray which is known by her “wings”

Crabs which are invertebrates (animals without a backbone) and walk sideways.

Starfish which are surprisingly not actually fish because they don’t have gills, scales or even fins like any other fish

Octopus which have 8 legs and an excellent eyesight – also very clever

Seahorses where males keep the babies in the pouch until they hatch. They are known to e graceful, calm and peaceful

The shark which are the most viscious of creatures


Dolphins and whales aren't actually fish. They are mammals, just like us!

By: Clara Agban