Medilink News 20th Anniversary Edition Medilink News NOE 2017f - Page 5

OUR SPONSORS In our 20th year Medilink would like to thank all of our Corporate Sponsors in Yorkshire and Humber, the North West and the North East. GEKO HELPS PATIENTS GET TO SURGERY FASTER Every year up to 200 people undergo ankle fracture surgery at the Middlesbrough hospital. For some this can mean spending up to a week in a hospital bed waiting for the swelling to reduce to a level on which surgeons can operate. But Medilink North West member Sky Medical Technology’s geko™ device is being used to help reduce the swelling to get people into the operating theatre quicker. Thanks to the device, as well as the innovative thinking of The James Cook University Hospital trauma team, patients are getting to surgery faster. Orthopaedic surgeon Paul Baker said: “This could be a game changer for the treatment of swelling for ankle fractures. As far as we are aware this has never been used for ankle fractures before.” The geko™ device, is self-adhesive and clinically proven to increase blood circulation for DVT prevention, the reduction of oedema and the promotion of wound healing. Powered by OnPulse™, a neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology, the device creates small electrical impulses to stimulate the common peroneal nerve behind the knee. Neuromuscular stimulation in the lower limb emulates the process normally achieved by walking but without the patient having to move or exert energy and without di scomfort. Senior Sister Stacey Brown said it was exciting to be the first to use the device in this way: “Patients have tolerated it really well and the results have been remarkable.” The collaboration with Sky Medical Technology scooped a Medilink North West Healthcare Business Award for partnership working with the NHS. 5