Medilink News 20th Anniversary Edition Medilink News NOE 2017f - Page 2

FOREWORD In this our 20th year we celebrate Medilink across the North of England by uniting Medilink Yorkshire and Humber, Medilink North West and Medilink North East. Leading figures from the NHS, Academia and Industry provide this edition with their own regional perspective. The views of our Foreword contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of Medilink. NEIL MUNDY - CHAIRMAN, SOUTH TYNESIDE NHS FOUNDATION TRUST, A FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Congratulations to Medilink in its 20th anniversary year, an organisation I am fortunate to have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with. My key interests over that 20 year period have been in Economic Development, Innovation and most importantly Healthcare. With the RDA in the earlier part of that period, I witnessed the benefits of unlocking innovation within our excellent companies, universities and hospitals in the North East. The success of the Centre for Process Innovation demonstrates the strength of harnessing those abilities and the Medilink Team understand that approach implicitly. Healthcare over that 20 Years has witnessed remarkable advances in many areas. Orthopaedic Surgery has improved the quality of life and future wellbeing of so many people, through total hip and knee replacements. However even in this most successful field, innovation in developing more advanced implant materials remains essential. I have a particular interest in Microsystems and Nanotechnology and it is great to see innovative applications in diagnostics such as portable laboratories and hospital level diagnostics in the home and in implanted drug delivery, smart pills and many others. Innovation requires constant collaboration by all sectors to develop new high quality systems and products to secure the best outcomes and value for the NHS and its patients. Medilink is well placed to support and facilitate that important goal and long may it continue. 2 PROF PAUL TOWNSEND ASSOCIATE DEAN, BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT, UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER It gives me great pleasure to provide a foreword representing the North West region, in this the 20th anniversary of Medilink – an organisation dedicated to innovation and transforming healthcare. The North West is a leading region in life sciences and the University of Manchester is a fundamental part of this - with expertise in biomedical sciences and translation, with capabilities ranging from fundamental biology research to clinical medicine and healthcare technologies. One of our five ‘beacon’ research themes is cancer, with one of two major CRUK centres and a partnership with Christie Hospital. The University is also a key contributor to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ bringing cohesion and strength to the North of the country; our President is a board member of the Partnership. Through our membership of the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) and N8 universities, we collaborate across the region. The Greater Manchester & Cheshire East Science & Innovation Audit highlights health innovation as a key strength of the region. With devolution of NHS budgets and its integration with social care, the University contributes significantly to GM’s Health and Social Care Partnership between local government, universities, NHS and business, already piloting with some success new practices. The University’s research and knowledge exchange supports both global and local business - large and small and our IP and spin-out companies create economic and broader impact for society. HANS C. HUX - GROUP CEO & CHAIRMAN, B. BRAUN In a fast moving and fast changing world to be able to celebrate 20 years in the healthcare sector is a very special anniversary event, congratulations to Medilink. This anniversary proves that every success always starts with an innovative concept and a good idea. It could be said that this fact certainly also applies to the development of B. Braun, where an innovative idea introduced 178 years ago allowed the company to develop into a successful healthcare organisation with global representation. At B. Braun our claim is “Sharing Expertise”, a claim which we live and foster on a daily basis with the aim to develop, with our Healthcare and Clinical Partners’ products, services and solutions all targeted at improving the health of people in the UK and around the world. The biggest challenge facing the health service and its employees is how to cope with the increasing demand, driven by an ageing population alongside increased availability of new therapies through advanced diagnostics and sophisticated technology. I believe the solution to this challenge lies in a collaborative approach between industry and the deliverers of healthcare to ensure that people receiving primary and secondary care spend as little time in the hospital as possible. We are looking forward to a continuous, close dialogue with the Medilink organisations and with the wider network of professionals and patients. B. Braun is also committed to backing future growth expectation with the investment required to enhance production capacity in key areas of our business as despite Brexit, the UK remains an important high end healthcare market for B. Braun.