Media Release - For The Children September 2022

MEDIA RELEASE Monday September 12th 2022 For The Children , Coming Home to Heal
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SEPTEMBER 12th , 2022 - Gibsons , BC Canada , Charlene SanJenko of reGEN media announces a multiday community healing gathering , For The Children , Coming Home to Heal , bringing together three stories into one circle at the Gibsons Public Market from September 27- 30th . The event will feature an experiential multi-media arts exhibition :
For The Children brings together an interactive story about a 40-year journey that started with the 1980 Indian Child Caravan . Coming Home is a pre-release mini-documentary screening of hope and healing based on the true stories and unlikely friendship of Charlene SanJenko and former Kukpi7 ( Chief ) Wayne Christian and their foster care and sixties scoop experiences . Our Nation Heals is a community-based healing initiative starting this Fall , 2022 .
The multi-day event is funded by the Government of Canada , hosted by the Gibsons Public Market , and facilitated by reGEN media ’ s Charlene SanJenko and Kukpi7 ( Chief ) Wayne Christian of the Splatsin Nation . " Gibsons Community Building Society is extremely honoured to be a partner and host this multi-day gathering at Gibsons Public Market . Our Board members and employees are dedicated to educating themselves on the important issues surrounding Truth and Reconciliation and offering an open , safe , and trusting space for these conversations and healing circles to take place ." - Vicki Raw , Executive Director
“ Home is where my soul lives . As an Indigenous woman raised in a non-Indigenous environment , I walk in two worlds . There are pieces of my life that I ' ve forgotten , yet I ' ve always known because blood memory lives on . There has never been a greater need for hope and healing . There has never been a greater need for coming home .” - Charlene SanJenko , Indigenous Impact Media Producer , Splatsin Nation .
“ My Indian name is Wenecwtsin , and it means Big Voice that Speaks the Truth . I didn ’ t attend residential school ; my mother did . It started for me in the sixties when I was scooped up into foster care . The healing path we are on is integral to who I am at this moment in history , and I want to share everything I know and the knowledge I have of how you can heal yourself . This is the beginning , and you ’ re part of it .”
- Former Kukpi7 Wayne Christian , Splatsin Nation .