Med Journal October 2020 - Page 13

They are the front-line fighters From physicians and nurses to aides Everyday more and more Covid-19 patients So many that in the halls they laid

A Viral Story

Behind the smiles and cheers They cried inside yet tears appeared Flatliners waiting as they turned around They ’ d go back in and don their gear
In a bed if lucky On a ventilator when critical So many workers behind the scenes and curtains They ’ re the true heroes for one and all
Pushed beyond human limits And driven to near insanity So tired they cannot think But they continue for all humanity
Their patients are the entire family Holding a phone or tablet for them to see Unable to touch their loved one That is how it has to be
The hearts of those frontline workers Continued to break every shift However , when one patient survives A party sendoff gave them a minute ’ s lift
“ How long will this continue I cannot take it anymore ” But they put on their PPEs To see a new patient behind the doors
And all of those who helped From bringing food to shouting , ‘ Thank you ’ They ’ re as much a part of the story As well as those staying at home too
For all of those involved somehow Let their anguish be released Bring focus to their hearts and minds So , one day again they can live in peace
There ’ s no cure for this virus So , there ’ s no ending to this rhyme “ God keep them strong and keep them going , Bless them all til a cure they find ”

The Doctors Bag

He traveled to the homes of many Who were injured or not well On that old country dirt road Through the snow as it fell
Beyond the hills and valleys With his only shoes worn out His doctor ’ s bag in hand That ’ s what life was all about
Most had no way of paying Many gave a grateful ‘ thank you ’ Some would pay with a few nickels Others paid with a chicken or two
It wasn ’ t the money he wanted He just wanted to cure their ills It was all about their feeling better Not about how they ’ d pay his bill
He ’ d pull from his doctor ’ s bag And listen to the heart and lungs Sometimes he ’ d just close their eyes He treated them all , old and young
Without knowing what he was walking into And smallpox so contagious There was no cure or treatment His house calls so courageous
A disease so easily transmitted It was taking many lives Eventually it came home And took his children and wife
Arriving with his horse and buggy He ’ d walk in and take off his hat It was all about helping them get well That was the man with the doctor ’ s bag
Volume 117 • Number 4 october 2020 • 85