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Great Surfing Requires Great Internet Performance As Enterprise and Consumer Broadband Internet access services surpass 1 Gbps, costly challenges can arise for service providers. With advertisements promising multi-Gig services and devices, 32x8 DOCSIS, WiFi 6, Fiber, and 5G speeds, tech savvy consumers may carry out their own “service tests” to check if their broadband services are delivered as promised. The problem occurs when these tests are done with older or inadequate equipment that aren’t able to achieve the Gigabit speeds. Consumer frustrations may result in unwanted service calls and unnecessary truck rolls for the service provider. VeEX’s new NET-BOX™ Internet speed test solution is an optimized Quality of Experience (QoE) testing platform that offers service provider technicians a truly scalable, low cost, reliable, high performance FPGA-based alternative to expensive highend laptops for customer premise speed tests. Technicians can use V-TEST (Speedtest® by Ookla®) and V-PERF (RFC6349) to help their subscribers reach their epic Internet surfing experience. Contact us today or visit The Verification Experts Website: Email: [email protected] Tel: +1.510.651.0500 Fax: +1.510.651.0505 Internet QoE