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be watching them – is a must for a search and recommendations systems to present something the customer will actually like. To ensure results reflect context, we apply enhanced layers of metadata that expose deeper relationships between sets of content – we call this solution ‘Deep Discovery’. We are seeing increased engagement from user experiences that have been enhanced using this additional level of detail. Analysis from over 112 million ‘More Like This’ rails saw a six-per cent uplift in conversions where Deep Discovery datasets were used versus rails with standard metadata. Deep Discovery, a hybrid approach to metadata powered by human and artificial intelligence, brings more detail to the content catalogue, such as the Mood, Tone, Theme and Time Period of a title. With these editorially-created, qualitative descriptors, content merchandisers have a new toolset for creating engaging carousels. Our past research has shown having a carousel option such as ‘Chillout Favourites from the ’90s’ to be as much as two-times more effective than a genre title such as ‘Action Movies’. To complement editorial curation, our Topics, Popularity Scores and Weighted Keywords leverage machine-learned datasets, which are continuously and automatically updated, and provided at scale across the content catalogue. The Topics dataset creates multiple potential special-interest pathways a user might explore with every piece of content viewed. For example, the movie Joker has associated Topics that introduce the viewer to more movies about psychopaths, political satires and films featuring specific characters, in addition to the expected connections such as DC Comics titles. Popularity Scores for those titles then surface the results that are most likely to be of interest at this point in time, out of those myriad options. Conversation-Driven The ability to use your voice to discover what you want is firmly embedded in the content discovery experience of many consumers today – but what’s the next step in making the experience truly extraordinary? The use of voice biometrics to provide a greater depth of service is starting to be deployed in the content discovery realm. As far back as the 1960s, it was envisaged on screen with the computer controlling Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise, which could recognise and differentiate between the voices of the various crew members as they gave out commands. Now, consumers can experience this level of intelligence for themselves. One step to improve the user experience is to differentiate between adults and children when processing a voice query. It’s easy to see the value of returning age-appropriate results for requests such as “Show me something funny” or “Show me something scary”. For example, the response to “Show me alien movies” should exclude the Species and Aliens series, but include titles such as E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial, if the question is not asked by an adult. Another way search results are personalised through voice biometrics is the implicit use of “me”. When a customer says: “What’s on TV tonight?”, the goal isn’t an old-fashioned TV listings grid. The meaning is “What’s on TV tonight for me?” – the customer expects tailored results that are not the same as what would be presented to friends and neighbours with different tastes. Voice biometrics can accomplish this in a completely anonymous way. The system doesn’t need to know your name or other personal details, as it simply builds a profile around hearing a distinct voice without the need for explicit notification there is a different user. Content-first, context-rich and conversation-driven experiences are shaping the future of streaming entertainment. With the three Cs to guide us, we can better anticipate evolving consumer needs and provide solutions that bring viewing from ordinary to extraordinary. TiVo is now part of Xperi, a leader in digital entertainment technology and IP licensing. Xperi invents, develops and delivers technologies that enable extraordinary experiences, making entertainment more entertaining and smart devices smarter. TiVo brings entertainment together, making it easy to find, watch and enjoy. Visit to learn more. TiVo, the TiVo logo, TiVo silhouette logo, TiVo Stream 4K and TiVo+ are trademarks or registered trademarks of TiVo Brands LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. EUROMEDIA 17