May Book 2020 May 2020 - Page 9

EDITORIAL From the Pit By Dave Simpson, Chontalle Musson and Reuben Raj From The Pit is a curated exhibition of images celebrating the craft and art of live music photography. But it’s also about the musicians and the venues where they perform. supply, concert images take on a new importance; reminding us all of the vibrant music scene we enjoy in New Zealand and the abundance of creativity which will always find a way to bubble out. The Pit is the hallowed space between musicians on the stage and the audience. Pit photographers strive to capture the magic flowing around them in a single picture. The pictures become relived memories for those who were there, and a taste of what was missed for those that weren’t. From The Pit is a showcase of artistic talent. For musicians it provides a way to find and connect with photographers whose work they enjoy. Working with a photographer can help lift your visual game, whether that be capturing the atmosphere at your next show or working together on visual ideas for promo shots in a press kit. As we journey through a time where live shows are in short While many things are presently changing in the world around us, we can be sure that the visual image remains as important as ever; for artists and musicians to show the audience who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. This is true whether you play live in a stadium, a small local venue or your bedroom. Embrace the image and find yourself a photographer to work with! Our days are saturated with images so only the best stand out. Our Social media accounts are full of so many images that we flick through them at lightning speed and we quickly forget what we’ve seen. It is for this reason that From The Pit is centred around a physical exhibition, inviting viewers to stand and take time to breath in each image: to remind everyone of what it means to be immersed in the moment as an audience member, or to dare to dream of what it would be like to be a performer and hold a room in the palm of one’s hand. This is the power of a live image. Keep an eye on the From The Pit website for details on this year’s exhibition: AN EXHIBITION OF NEW ZEALAND MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHY New Zealand artists captured by some of New Zealand’s best music photographers. Curated by Dave Simpson, Chontalle Musson and Reuben Raj. NZ MUSIC COMMISSION MAY BOOK 2020 • 9