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h Your Music Online time thinking about the best visuals you have at your disposal. Alternatively, there’s the option of seeking ongoing support via sites that allow fans to pay a monthly subscription to an artist in return for exclusive content. For example, Kimbra uses her Patreon page to give subscribers access to unreleased songs or videos of performances that aren’t widely available. This creates an even more direct link between artist and fan that can be rewarding for both. The latest development in this area has been the Spotify announcement that they are adding a ‘tipping’ button which artists can add onto their page if they wish. For those with the feature enabled, there will be a button on their page which sets up a donation to the artist via PayPal. There is also the option for artists to have their donations go to a charity of their choice. Spotify have said that this is a new feature which may evolve over time, so check back regularly on your Spotify Artist page for updates. end up with a lot of stock on hand while you sell through them, so it can take a while to break even. It is worthwhile seeing what online stores/music shops might stock your T-shirts so you have as many avenues as possible to speed up turnover. SELLING MERCH Alternatively, it is now possible to load up designs to online stores, which will do items on a print-on-demand basis. This means there is no upfront cost, since the T-shirts are only created once the order is received - but the cost per tee to produce these is higher. Bands have long realised the power of having great t-shirts to sell at shows. Some have even become iconic, like the Ramones T-shirt design which has purportedly sold far more than any of their albums. Some bands even invest in their own screen-printing equipment and then buy their own blank t-shirts to use, which keeps their costs to a minimum. However doing a run of T-shirts (whether printed professionally or created using your own set-up) does mean that you will often There are many companies that offer this service online such as local outfits like Printpoppa and PrintMighty or overseas ones like Teespring or Printful. It’s worth doing an hour’s research to find the best price point and options to suit you. For NZ MUSIC COMMISSION MAY BOOK 2020 • 7