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EDITORIAL Making Money With by Gareth Shute DIRECT ARTIST SUPPORT The digital music era The most straightforward way a fan can means artists can now show their support for an artist is by easily connect with fans simply paying them directly to do their work, often with the promise of a special around the country and reward in return. It has now become a across the world. As many regular occurrence for artists to set up crowdfunding pages to support the artists and labels are of a new work and there are plenty showing, there are creative creation of options to choose from - whether its ways to make the online local sites like Boosted and Pledgeme or international sites like Kickstarter (who have marketplace work for you an NZ version of their website). as a musician. Here’s a It pays to be imaginative when deciding few of the most popular on what rewards you might offer in return approaches, which will for crowdfunding contributions. A recent hopefully get you thinking campaign by Lawrence Arabia for his Taite Music Prize nominated album Singles Club about what is possible in gave supporters advance access to a new this area. song every month for twelve months, 6 • NZ MUSIC COMMISSION MAY BOOK 2020 and higher payments received a copy of the finished album (on CD or vinyl) and/ or a T-shirt and/or a teatowel at the end of the year. Other artists have even offered to perform live at people’s houses if the pledge is high enough. Bandcamp have a range of tools you can use, including letting your audience pay what they want for a track, or specifying a minimum and letting fans pay more if they wish (Bandcamp report fans do pay extra 50% much of the time). In their Artist Tools, they have a embeddable player that you can use to showcase your music on other platforms and if you also publish your music to SoundCloud, you can add a “Support” button to your profile that links to your Bandcamp page. Bandcamp strongly recommend you upload lots of good-looking images, so spend some