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TOP 3 TIPS FOR BUY LOCAL RIKIHANA DOUGLAS Richmond Music Connect locally, collaborate with other NZ artists, share each other’s posts, go to their shows. Get to know the local music industry from promoters, managers, labels, radio, publicists by going to industry events and getting to know people. Keep releasing. You are still competing with international artists on Spotify and at radio, so the music quality has to be high. Work with local producers, and mixers to help you record and produce international quality music. Stay active and let your passion show, keep up activity on socials and engage with the music community. Support others and share what you are working on. Richmond Music manage Montell2099, SACHI, Matthew Young, LA WOMEN, Melodownz, Ambian & Sleo. YEE YANG ‘SQUARE’ LEE SquareSums&Co KIWI MUSIC IS MORE AWESOME THAN YOU THINK - Show the world how proud you are of homegrown musicians and catalogue by buying, streaming, supporting and sharing your favourite Kiwi musicians with whanau and friends across the globe. TO LIVE(STREAM) OR NOT TO LIVE(STREAM) - Be clear WHY you want to livestream: just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If there are sound reasons to livestream, and you can do it well, go for it – but make sure you make it easy for your fans to buy your music and/or merch, or support you some other way. GROW LOVE FROM LIKES - Help your audience show their love for what you do by offering moments of insights into your craft through your social platforms. Help them grow from likers to loyal fans. SquareSums&Co manage Troy Kingi & Modern Maori Quartet. LORRAINE BARRY MMF Manager of the Year Look for new opportunities locally but always strive for global standards in your creativity. Your work is never done. Add ‘research’ and ‘education’ to your to do list. Keep abreast of changes. Watch how other artists are approaching their releases and how it impacts on their profile, streams and following. Join the MMF and IMNZ for mentoring and upskilling. Have a plan, broken down into sub-plans. (I am the to-do-list Queen) Write, reject, write, reject, write. Rehearse, refine, rethink. Create exciting art, photography, visuals, blog, that do justice to the time spent creating your music. Never move too soon. Make anything you do count. Lorraine Barry manages Dave Dobbyn, Tom Scott, Team Dynamite, Milly Tabak & The Miltones . CUSHLA ASTON Aston Rd The number 1 thing to remember is - “If You Do Nothing, Nothing Happens” Connect - with your fans & audience however you can, but don’t oversaturate it. keep it fresh and authentic. Collaborate - with other musicians, other arts disciplines and align with brands. Grow together and support each other. Create - keep creating and bring your audience in on the conversation, allow them to be part of the creation journey. Carry On - Try and try again, if you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else. Most of us are making it up as we go along anyway. Cash - Don’t be afraid of asking your fans to support you, they often want to but don’t know how, make it easy for them. Aston Rd manages Louis Baker. TANA TUPAI Tomorrow People Think about what other ways you can create additional income. Do you have excess merchandise/cd stock of past work? Many of your fans would be willing to purchase brand new merchandise that they may have purchased in the past! JUST ASK! - Now is an opportunity to engage with your fans more than ever, so feel free to ask them what they would like to see you get up to. Being an artist in NZ means wearing multiple hats. Use this time to educate yourself in other aspects of the music industry, or even find some other useful things to learn and discover, that will help you on your creative music journey! Tana is a self managed artist and a member of Tomorrow People. CHRIS CHETLAND Kog Studio When personally supporting the local music industry (buying music), post about it and tag in the production crew. There is huge value in everyone reminding people that music is created by a local community. Streaming is great, but artists earn much more if you also buy their music or merch. Set yourself a challenge to buy from your favourite local artists. There are lots of local companies making musical instruments & studio equipment. When you want to buy a new piece of gear, chat to them. They can probably give you a good local person deal or make you a customised piece. Chris Chetland is a NZ Mastering Engineer and co-manages Rei. For further information go to NZ MUSIC COMMISSION MAY BOOK 2020 • 31