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A BASIC GUIDE TO APRA AMCOS WHAT IS COPYRIGHT ? JOIN FOR FREE When you write original music, you own it. This ownership is called copyright. If you’re a songwriter or composer and your music has been performed live in public, broadcast on radio or television, or downloaded and streamed online, then you’re eligible to join APRA AMCOS. Copyright protection is automatic in New Zealand. The minute you write down a song or record it in any form, your work is protected by the law. That means that if anyone wants to copy or play your music in public, they need your permission. It’s free to join and you can do it online at Make sure you have: Giving people permission to use music is how composers and songwriters earn money from their work. • Your contact details WHAT IS APRA A MCOS? • The name and ownership details of one of your songs that has been publicly performed or broadcast APRA AMCOS is a member organisation that represents composers, songwriters and music publishers from New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We give businesses (like TV, radio stations, websites, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gyms and shops) permission to play, copy and record music on behalf of our members. We do collectively what would otherwise be very hard for songwriters and composers to do by themselves. WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN? We collect licence fees from the businesses that use your music - and pay those licence fees back to you in the form of royalties. Through agreements with similar organisations around the world, we also collect royalties for your music when it’s played, recorded and copied overseas. However, we’re only able to pay you these royalties if you’re a member of APRA AMCOS, so to get paid you need to join us. Other benefits of being a member include being able to enter our awards, attend our seminars and workshops, and apply for our professional development grants. • Your bank account details (so we can pay you) • One example of where and when that work was performed/broadcast “We’re huge fans of NZ music. We pay a licence fee to OneMusic so that we can support local songwriters who play in our venue. People who play here tell APRA when they played and what they played… and then our licence fees become the royalties that they earn for performing their original songs.” Ross Herrick | Dux Central “For songwriters, the fact that an organisation exists to protect our music is an incredible support. Knowing people are working behind the scenes to ensure our music is valued allows us to focus on what we do best… making music.” Ria Hall | Songwriter ANY QUESTIONS? Contact our Member Services team on (0800) 692 772 or email us at NZ MUSIC COMMISSION MAY BOOK 2020 • 11